10 UFC Stars Whose Managers Became Their Worst Enemies


Georges St-Pierre

Shari Spencer made an immediate impact in the MMA business when she signed two big-name clients in Georges St-Pierre and Frankie Edgar, and with the former going on to sign major sponsorship deals with the likes of Under Armour and Gatorade, it seemed that all was going well.

However, in early 2011, St-Pierre opted to part ways with Spencer, with a difference of opinion on his future being cited as the main reason for his decision.

Despite the split being described as amicable, things would later turn ugly as Spencer went on to file lawsuits against the UFC superstar and others close to him.

First up, Spencer targeted GSP’s new manager Rodolphie Beaulieu along with his coaches John Danaher and Firas Zahabi, alleging that they had intentionally interfered with contract rights, but that lawsuit was later voluntarily dismissed.

Next up, in 2013 Spencer sued St-Pierre himself in civil court for losses she had sustained in relation to proceeds from endorsement deals that had occurred while she was managing the fighter.

St-Pierre lost the case and was ordered to pay Spencer $737,066.35, in addition to also having to give her 20 percent of future revenue on various UFC pay-per-view fights, 20 percent of royalties earned under a 2008 UFC merchandising contract and 5-percent of future revenues from sponsorship deals with the likes of Affliction and RUSHfit.

When all was said and done, TMZ claimed at the time that the lawsuit would likely cost GSP several million dollars.