10 UFC Stars Who Had A Day Job

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Mike Russow

Retired UFC heavyweight fighter Mike Russow was known for trading heavy leather in the Octagon, his day job as a police officer required him to stop other people from fighting in the mean streets of Chicago.

Having been shot at in the line of duty and TKO’d in the Octagon, Russow was no stranger to putting his body in harms way in both of his career paths, but the most difficult thing to deal with was simply there not being enough hours in the day.

”It’s very demanding,” Russow told officer.com a few years ago. “You just have to do a really good job with time management. Most of these guys I’m fighting; they’re young and they just do it fulltime. With me and other guys out there, we have to work, do our eight hours, and go to bed, get up, train and then go to work.”

Nevertheless, Russow still managed to compile a 15-3 (+1nc) record in the sport, including a 4-2 stint in the UFC, before hanging up his gloves in 2013.