10 UFC Stars Who Crossed Over To Pro-Wrestling

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Frank Trigg

In 2008, former UFC fighter Frank Trigg was still actively competing in MMA when he had a brief run in the TNA wrestling.

Trigg initially began making appearances as a friend of wrestling star Kurt Angle, but eventually he called out A.J. Styles to an MMA-style fight that could only be finished by submission.

The fight took place at the ‘No Surrender’ PPV event and it quickly became apparent that the crowd had no interest in watching a worked MMA match, chanting, “this is bullshit” and “we want wrestling.”

The lackluster bout would end in a no-contest when Style landed a low blow, then proceeded to beat Trigg with a Kendo stick.

Trigg’s brief stint in TNA abruptly came to an end and he’d soon be back to fighting for real, re-signing with UFC the following year.

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