10 UFC Stars Who Crossed Over To Pro-Wrestling

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Tito Ortiz

When UFC Hall-Of-Famer Tito Ortiz fell out with Dana White in 2005 over a contract dispute, he left to pursue other opportunities and became a guest referee for TNA Wrestling.

Ortiz would oversee three World Championship Heavyweight titles during his time there, and interfered in each one, including knocking out the champion Jeff Jarrett with a right hook in one match, and both members of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ in another.

Ortiz then settled his differences with the UFC and remained there until he retired in 2012, but some eight years after his previous stint in TNA, a promotional campaign in 2013 unveiled Ortiz as the promotion’s mystery new star, to a painfully underwhelmed response from fans.

Ortiz would again play a ‘heel’ role as he accepted an invitation from ‘Rampage’ to join his ‘Main Event Mafia’ stable, only to strike him over the head with a hammer during a heavyweight championship match.

All this was designed to generate interest in a real MMA fight between Ortiz and Rampage in Bellator, but that fell through and having failed to get over with fans his brief second stint in TNA soon fizzled out.

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