10 UFC Stars Who Crossed Over To Pro-Wrestling

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Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

When Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson left the UFC for Bellator in 2013, Viacom also set him up with spots on TNA Impact Wrestling, which also aired on Spike TV.

In the summer of that year, ’Rampage’ made his first appearance in TNA, squaring up to pro-wrestling legend Kurt Angle, but a week later he’d return to help him fend off an attack from the Aces & Eight stable by lashing out at them with his trademark chain.

Jackson’s TNA appearances were few and far between, but he was a member of the ‘New Main Event Mafia’ stable and at one stage recruited fellow Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz, who would later double-cross him by striking him over the head with a hammer.

The idea appeared to be that this could help promote an eventual MMA fight between the two in Bellator, but that never came to fruition and ‘Rampage’ quit TNA after a year due to being unhappy with how he was being treated.

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