10 UFC Stars Who Crossed Over To Pro-Wrestling

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Matt Riddle

Having burned most of his bridges in the MMA world after testing positive for marijuana twice in the UFC and then repeatedly dropping out of fights in Bellator, talented prospect Matt Riddle quit the sport and began pursuing a pro-wrestling career in 2014.

After a promising start, Riddle was given a chance to try-out for the WWE in 2015, where he tested well, but his lack of experience and previous marijuana issues counted against him.

Instead, WWE officials encouraged Riddle to prove himself on the independent circuit for promotions like EVOLVE.

Styling himself as ‘The King Of Bros’, Riddle has gradually evolved into a major player in that scene, competing in shows around the world, while also winning both ‘Rookie Of The Year’ and ‘Most Improved Wrestler’ awards in 2016.

Riddle is now at a stage where he was a real chance of breaking into the WWE, but for the time being he’s enjoying the freedom of being in-demand on the indie circuit and has no intentions of returning to MMA.

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