10 Times Ronda Rousey Blew Up In The Media


Ronda Rousey is arguably the biggest crossover star in the history of the UFC.

Since bursting onto the MMA scene in 2011 by submitting her first seven opponents – three amateur, four professional – in under a minute, all via her signature armbar, Rousey has captured the imagination of the masses like no one before her.

Her combination of dominance inside the cage, good looks, and intriguing personality have made her must-see TV, not just in the hardcore MMA sphere, but to a much wider audience. Combat sports have always struggled to gain traction outside of its primarily male 18-35 demographic, but Rousey has brought a more diverse set of eyeballs to the sport than ever before. From young girls inspired by her to soccer moms enamored by her, “Rowdy” has created droves of female MMA fans that her male counterparts simply fail to match.

As we anticipate an announcement of her return to the Octagon, we’re going┬átakes a look back at the times Ronda Rousey captivated the public’s attention in a different sense.

Find out Rousey’s biggest-ever splashes in the media on the pages ahead.