10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Frank Shamrock And Bas Rutten Go Stage-Diving In Japan

After the Pancrase ‘Eye Of The Beast’ event in early 1995, Frank Shamrock and Bas Rutten decided to attend a rock concert featuring the band Biohazard.

Arriving at the Liquidroom club, the two stars were ushered in via the back door and soon found themselves up on stage, partying with the band. Others were stage-diving into the 2000-person capacity crowd and so it wasn’t long before the two fighters followed suit.

Rutten was the first to take the plunge but it didn’t go well, with the heavyweight accidentally headbutting a Japanese fan in the face on the way down, knocking him out. Still up on stage, Shamrock recalls seeing Rutten reappear with blood pouring down his face from a nasty gash above his eye, yet he was now enthusiastically urging his fellow fighter to also jump.

Shamrock plucked up the courage and leapt himself, but this time the crowd was having none of it and parted ways, sending him plunging towards the ground head-first.

However, Shamrock’s fall was partially slowed by Rutten, who managed to catch his head in mid-air to stop him from severe damage as he dropped to the floor, before picking up the guy that he’d knocked out moments before and then continuing to dance and party into the night.