10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Urijah Faber Fights For His Life in Bali

During a trip to Bali in 2006, Urijah Faber was dancing at a club with some girls when a local man tried to pick a fight with him, leading to the two going outside to settle their differences.

Faber, who was the WEC’s featherweight champion at the time, came out on top, throwing the thug to the concrete directly onto his collarbone, taking the fight out of him.

However, Faber was then sucker-punched in the back of the head with brass knuckles by another bystander, while others tried to hit him with bottles and rocks.

Faber threw one of his attackers into a motorcycle and then made his way back into the club, but soon found himself outnumbered and falling to the floor. Managing to struggle back to his feet Faber fought his way back out and fled to a Billabong store further along the road.

Again he found himself cornered though as the thug with the brass knuckles, one with a shoe-hammer and two others chased him into the shop, forcing the blood-soaked fighter to hit one of them and take off running yet again.

Faber finally managed to get to a taxi, and despite almost being dragged back out again, the driver managed to take off and get him to the safety of a local hospital, where he received stitches to seven different areas of his head.