10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Carlos Condit Fights Special Forces Member In Afghanistan

In 2008, Carlos Condit was one of four MMA stars including Michael Bisping, BJ Penn, and Urijah Faber who took time out of their fight schedule to visit the troops serving in Afghanistan.

Arriving at a small base on a mountain the war-torn region, it wasn’t long before the fighters were showing off their fighting skills and training with the troops.

When it came to Condit’s turn, his Special Forces sparring partner asked him how hard he wanted to spar. “It’s up to you man. Hit me as hard as you want to get hit,” ‘The Natural Born Killer’ coolly replied.

Almost immediately, the overzealous Special Forces member landed a heavy sucker punch, and that gave Condit the green-light to give him a first-hand demonstration as to why that was a terrible idea. Pressing forward, Condit then landed a left head kick followed by a right hand that slumped the military man to the canvas unconscious.