10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Julie Kedzie Soils Herself In St. Petersburg

In 2007 at Bodog: Clash Of Nations in Russia, Julie Kedzie defeated Julia Berizikova by TKO after catching her in a mounted triangle.

That should have been a cause for celebration, but there was one big problem that still had to be addressed – the fact that she’d soiled herself during the fight.

In actual fact, Kedzie didn’t actually realize what had happened at first, and worse still, since her fight had been pushed back until after the main event when it was over she was immediately hustled onto a fighter bus and away to a glittering party at the famous Alexander Palace in St. Petersburg.

During the journey, Kedzie became aware of a terrible smell but assumed she’d just stood on something.

When she arrived at the party she found herself surrounded by celebrities like Jean-Claude Van-Damme and politicians, but soon managed to make her way to a bathroom, where she discovered in horror that her underwear was soiled.

After ditching her underwear and cleaning herself up as best she could, Kedzie returned to the party, where her surreal evening continued when Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi allegedly offered through a translator to be her boyfriend for the evening, while Russian President Vladimir Putin put his arm around her shoulder for a photo opportunity.