10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Shonie Carter’s Unexpected Visit To Turkey

‘Mr. International’ Shonie Carter truly lived up to his nickname back in 2008 when he went on the popular ‘Underground’ forum to ask for help to get back to the United States after waking up drunk in Turkey without a passport after a wild night out.

According to Carter, he had partied the night before back in the U.S. with a ‘bad girl’ and her entourage, going from clubs to private limousines and then finally a private plane, which the veteran MMA star believed was headed for Detroit.

However, after passing out drunk on the plane, Carter woke up many hours later to shockingly discover that the plane was on its final approach to Istanbul, Turkey.

Realizing that he didn’t even have his passport with him, when he landed Carter asked for help on the internet to get back home. People on the UG forum didn’t believe him until they tracked his IP address and discovered he was indeed in Turkey.

In the end, Carter says he undertook an unsanctioned fight in the country in exchange for safe passage home. After winning by kimura he was taken over the border, given documents and flown home safely.