10 Times MMA Stars Confronted Their Hecklers

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If anyone is foolish enough to try to heckle MMA stars, then they’d best prepare themselves to be on the receiving end of a verbal beatdown – if not worse.

The trash-talkers in this article discovered the hard way!

Chael Sonnen vs. Regional Fighter

At a Q&A session during the UFC Fan Expo in 2013, Chael Sonnen found himself coming under fire from a regional fighter called Bill Smallwood, who apparently had a chip on his shoulder.

“I’m trying to figure out why people are asking your opinion when you haven’t had your hand raised in two years?” Smallwood said after queuing up to ask Sonnen a question.

As Smallwood continued to ramble on about ‘real talk,’ the state of Oklahoma, and fighters from that area who deserved a title shot more than him, Sonnen finally lost his patience and began to fire back with both barrels.

“Spit it out brother, you’re putting everybody to sleep, man, and I’m about to come over there and whip your ass in a second just to give people something to look at!” Sonnen bellowed at him.

“Here’s real talk dummy. If you don’t get to the end of the line, I’m going to come down there and warm up on you before I talk care of LeBron [James] later tonight, so take those stupid sunglasses off your head, because we’re in a dark room, dummy!”

Smallwood was running out of material fast but kept going anyway.

“I sell ass whoopings, son, not memberships,” he retorted.

“You don’t sell anything, stupid,” Sonnen informed him. “You sell ass-whippings? What is your name again? Who are you?”

Smallwood didn’t respond to that, perhaps because no one had a clue who he was, and the reality was that he only had a 2-3 record in MMA at the time (a record that several years later now stands at just 4-7).

“Tell my room of fans what real talk means,” Sonnen mocked him to cheers and applause from the crowd. “Beat it!”