10 Times MMA Stars Clashed With Their Opponent’s Camps


Phil Baroni vs. Scott Jansen’s Brother

’The New York Bad ***’ Phil Baroni got more than he bargained for after he knocked his opponent Scott Jansen out cold with a right hook at Cage Rage in July of 2008.

Jansen lay on the man unconscious for some time afterward and so in a show of sportsmanship, Baroni went over to check on him.

However, as he approached his dazed foe, a member of Jansen’s camp (who would later be identified as his brother) unexpectedly launched at Baroni with a vicious headbutt that landed flush to the face.

To his credit, Baroni didn’t even flinch and opted not to retaliate, even as Jansen’s wife also began shouting abuse at him.

Jansen would later apologize on his brother’s behalf and praised Baroni for the way he’d conducted himself, noting that the two had settled their differences over a beer after the event.