10 Times MMA Fans Got Violently Out Of Control


Riot During Renzo Gracie Fight In Brazil

The ‘Pentagon Combat’ event in Rio De Janeiro in 1997 delivered some of the most chaotic scenes ever seen in Brazilian MMA, and caught up in the middle of it all was Renzo Gracie.

Gracie, who was 5-0 at the time, headlined the event opposite Eugenio Tadeu in an MMA bout that was seen as a high-stakes battle between the Jiu-jitsu and Luta Livre fighting styles.

During the event, Luta Livre supporters steadily moved closer to the action, until by the time the main event started they were pressed right up against the cage.

Things then got completely out of hand when one fan jumped the fence during the fight, then another kicked Gracie’s head as he was lying against the cage.

Gracie got to his feet, only to be punched in the face by another cage intruder. Gracie fired back and that was the cue for pandemonium to break out in the arena as fights started to break out in the crowd, leading to chairs being thrown left, right and center and even gunshots ringing out in the arena.

The situation was finally brought back under control, but the shocking scenes that transpired that night led to the government banning MMA events in Rio de Janeiro for the better part of 10 years.