10 Times MMA Fans Got Violently Out Of Control


Fighter Dragged Into Angry Crowd

Jason ‘The White Lion’ Bryant bit off more than he could chew when he started taunting the crowd at a fight in Evansville, Indiana back in 2006.

After losing to Heath Pedrigo by armbar at a HooknShoot event, the loudmouthed Bryant made things worse by stirring up the increasingly agitated crowd.

”Would anyone else want some of me?” Bryant yelled on the mic. “Step up now! What’s up?”

Bryant started down the walkway to the dressing room, slapping some fans outstretched hands as he did so, but one troublemaker grabbed hold of his arm and yanked him into the crowd.

Several people then started violently punching and kicking Bryant, but it turned out that ‘The White Lion’ had brought friends and family with him and so they waded into the fray, resulting in an even more chaotic brawl.

Bryant then went back into the ring afterward to berate those responsible for the beatdown, which led to the panicked promoter rushing in to grab the mic off him before he made things even worse.