Joe Rogan vs. Myspace Challenger

Of course when you’re as big a star as Rogan, you’re always going to get some haters, such as this guy who questioned his abilities and challenged him to a jiu-jitsu contest on social media back in 2006.

Rogan obliged, giving everyone a rare opportunity to see the man at work in a semi-competitive environment on the mat, quickly making his opponent eat humble pie.

Joe Rogan Karate Tournament KO From 1987

And so we arrive at the final video, and we’ve kept the best until last!

It’s one thing to look like a badass while beating up a heavy bag or crushing the mitts, but a live fight is a different beast entirely. Could Rogan really pull off those eye-catching kicks in competition, and if so, would they really be as devastating as the footage we’ve seen so far suggests?

Luckily someone happened to find an old VHS copy of Rogan fighting in a US open taekwondo tournament back in 1987, and it just so happens to show him KO’ing his opponent with a spinning back kick, before casually walking off like this was an everyday occurrence.