Joe Rogan Chokes Man After Argument

The Fear Factor incident wasn’t the only time Rogan has been caught on film in a physical confrontation.

Two years earlier in 2004 Rogan was engaged in a heated conversation with an apparently inebriated man outside The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

As things escalated the man said, “f*ck you dude,” and touched his arm. An iratated Rogan warned that if he touched him again he’d choke him out.

Sure enough the man did touch him again and true to his word Rogan immediately put him in a standing guillotine choke, though he seemed to come to his senses and stopped short of putting him to sleep.

As annoying as the guy was, this wasn’t one of Rogan’s finer moments, but if nothing else it served as a reminder that he’s not a man to be messed with.

Joe Rogan Sparring With John Wayne Parr

By this stage you’re no doubt itching to see what it would look like if Rogan had ever fought professionally.

With that in mind, this light sparring session with decorated kickboxing champion John Wayne Parr is intriguing.

”Just so everyone knows, this was just a fun morning doing pads and light round of sparring,” Parr wrote afterwards. “There was no egos, just two mates having a move around.”