Joe Rogan Chokes Out Radio Host

During a radio interview Rogan was asked to choke out the host, and he duly obliged.

It didn’t quite go according to plan though as the host went to sleep in a matter of seconds and then slumped face first to the floor when Rogan let go. Oops!

Luckily the host came to a few moments later, dazed but not hurt after his impromptu nap.

Joe Rogan Fight With Fear Factor Guest

Rogan was the host of the successful TV series ‘Fear Factor’ on NBC in the early 21st century¬†and unexpectedly found himself in a physical altercation with a contestant when things got heated on set.

The 2006 incident sparked off when a female contestant slapped a male member of the cast, which led to Rogan telling her off. The woman’s husband, filmmaker Jonathan Baker, then became involved, moving towards Rogan aggressively while shouting at him.

Unfortunately due to the way the incident was cut we don’t get to see exactly what happened next other than a brief glimpse of Rogan pulling Baker’s head down from the clinch before the scuffle is broken up.

However, Baker would later offer up his version of what really happened.

“I stepped out and looked him dead in the eyes and asked him who the f*** he thought he was and look at me, he snapped, you could see it in his eyes and then he hit me,” Baker told “I went down, got up, he hit me again, and as I was coming up the second time, he put me in a headlock.”