10 Times Goliath Demolished David In MMA

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Varelans Hall

Paul Varelans vs. Mark Hall

After defeating Cal Worsham at UFC 6, ‘The Polar Bear’ Paul Varelans was quickly stopped by Tank Abbott in the next round of the tournament, but he was back in action again at UFC 7 a couple of months later and again made his way to the semi-finals courtesy of elbow strikes.

In the last four, Varelans was matched up with Mark Hall, who was much smaller, giving up 8 inches in height and no less than 110 pounds in weight.

Hall clearly wasn’t fully prepared to deal with a man of Varelans size and when he came charging towards him at the start of the fight he actually opted to leap up in the air to land an ineffectual punch to his face.

Ignoring that, ‘The Polar Bear’ clinched up and dragged Hall to the mat with a schoolyard headlock.

Hall’s day got a whole lot worse when Varelans then easily stepped into full mount and crashed down a couple of his trademark elbows on the top of his skull.

That seemed to break Hall’s will and so when Varelans then went for an Americana submission, he started tapping before he’d even fully cinched it up fully, just 64 seconds into the fight.

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