10 Times Goliath Demolished David In MMA

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Zuluzinho Minowa

Zuluzinho vs. Minowaman

Japanese fighter Ikuhisa Minowa has rightly been nicknamed ‘The Giant Killer’ in his native Japan after defeating a number of fighters far bigger than himself over the years, including the likes of Hong Man Choi, Giant Silva and Bob Sapp.

It doesn’t always go his way though, as was the case when the 5′ 9”, 210lb ‘Minowaman’ went up against the fearsome 6′ 7″, 407-pound Brazilian known as ‘Zuluzinho’ at K-1 Premium 2007 Dynamite!!

Minowa looked to tire his larger than life opponent in the opening round by literally jogging circles around him. It’s a strategy that’s worked with other MMA ‘Goliath’s’, but ‘Zulu’ wasn’t having it and he successfully managed to close the distance in both the first and second rounds, bundling the Japanese star to the mat.

Bearing this larger than life Brazilian’s weight gradually wore down Minowa, and to make matters worse, mid-way through the second round ‘Zulu’ started landing punishing ground and pound.

A sweat-soaked Minowa emerged for the third round looking exhausted, while to his credit, Zuluzinho still had some gas left in the tank and he began landing heavy punches on the feet, and even a knee to the body too.

A takedown followed and then ‘Zulu’ began to maul ‘Minowaman’ with a relentless series of thumping right hands, until the Japanese fighter’s corner finally put an end to the one-sided beating by throwing in the towel.

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