10 Times Goliath Demolished David In MMA

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Emmanuel Yarborough Nakano

Emmanuel Yarborough vs. Tatsuo Nakano

After a humiliating first round TKO loss to Keith Hackney at UFC 3 in 1994, many people assumed we’d seen the last of the 6′ 8”, 600-pound sumo wrestler Emmanuel Yarborough in the sport.

However, four years later the official world’s heaviest athlete made his comeback at a Shooto event in Japan, where he’d go up against Tatsuo Nakano, who was almost a foot smaller than him and was giving up the best part of 400 pounds in weight.

Nakano tried to strike with ‘Manny’ at the start the fight, but Yarborough simply lumbered forward and flopped on top of him near the turnbuckle.

The awkward position led to the fight being reset in the same position further away from the ropes, and upon the restart Yarborough moved to north-south position and laid his enormous belly on top of Nakano’s face.

Unable to escape and struggling to breathe, Nakano’s nightmare ended 77 seconds into the fight when he tapped out in desperation, with the unlikely submission finish coming by way of ‘Smother’.

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