10 Times Conor McGregor Predicted The Future

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McGregor hits the bullseye with his UFC 189 prediction

During UFC Embedded episode two, McGregor and Mendes get into a heated discussion about how their fight is going to go down. McGregor says:

“When I am pressing him and pressing him and we are having these exchanges and these scrambles his belly is going to be breathing in and his body is going to be screaming for oxygen and I am going to be still there in his face cracking him with everything I have, the heel the knee.

“What are you going to do? You can’t even pass guard, you’re a white belt on the mat. You get me down, you hold me down, I will butcher you from the bottom. I will get back up and butcher you on the feet.”

The fight was definitely competitive. Mendes spent a lot of the second round with top control, but ultimately it went exactly as McGregor said it would. He pressured Mendes from the opening bell, with spinning techniques, knees, punches and vicious elbows from the bottom when Mendes was in his guard. However, McGregor weathered the storm and captured the interim title with his second round stoppage.

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