10 Times Conor McGregor Predicted The Future

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McGregor predicts Aldo pulling from their original fight

McGregor vs Aldo was an historical event for the UFC, but it took a lot to get the two in the cage together. The fight was scheduled twice and all in all it took nearly two years before it actually happened, but that wasn’t anything McGregor didn’t see coming.

“If I am being honest I could see a fight between my and Jose being scheduled…and then I could see Jose pulling, but I could see Franky stepping in.”

Just days before the two were scheduled to meet at UFC 189 Jose Aldo pulled out with a rib injury. This prediction must have been a little fuzzy for McGregor because it wasn’t Franky who stepped in, instead Chad Mendes answered the call.

For the most part though another successful prediction for McGregor.

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