10 Real-Life Giant vs. Giant Fights In MMA

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Bob Sapp Nortje

Bob Sapp vs. Jan Nortje

’Strikeforce: At The Dome’ in February of 2008 featured a colossal fight between ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Giant’ aka Bobb Sapp and Jan Nortje.

This fight marked the 6’5”, 365-pound Sapp’s first ever fight in the United States, having previously made his name competing in Japan, where he’d now compiled a respectable 9-2-1 record.

A South African who’d also competed in boxing and kickboxing, The 6’11”, 333-pound Nortje managed to shrug off Sapp’s early clinch work and then unleashed repeated left hands that not only stunned ‘The Beast’, but appeared to take the fight right out of him.

Sapp was left cowering from more strikes as he slumped to the mat, leading to TKO stoppage in just 55 seconds.

This fight would mark the beginning of a dismal downward decline for Sapp that would see him lose 16 of his next 18 bouts.

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