Bob Sapp Stefan Gamlin

Bob Sapp vs. Stefan Gamlin

Back in 2003 Bob Sapp was still very much on the rise, having recorded a 3-1 MMA record up until that point, in addition to a 4-2 kickboxing run that had included back-to-back victories K-1 legend, Ernesto Hoost.

For his next MMA fight at the K-1 World Grand Prix 2003, ‘The Beast’ was matched up with a man even bigger than he was, with the 6’7”, 360-pound Gamlin having a 2” height and 30-pound weight advantage heading into his pro debut.

Sapp came out swinging from the opening bell, looking to bulrush his opponent with a barrage of blows that backed him up against the ropes.

Clearly coming off second-best in that toe-to-toe exchange, Gamlin changed tactics and was able to take Sapp down, but it wasn’t long before ‘The Beast’ showed off his incredible strength by simply strong-arming the bigger, heavier man off him in order to stand back up.

Sapp then got right back to business on the feet, clubbing Gamlin with repeated left and right hands that left him stunned against the ropes.

As Gamlin’s head sagged, Sapp seized on a standing guillotine choke and cranked hard on it to seal the submission finish.