10 Most Bitter Teammate vs. Teammate Feuds In UFC History

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9. Nik Lentz vs. Will Brooks

After a five-year stint, Nik Lentz left American Top Team in 2017, claiming that the gym now had so many fighters that it had lost its ‘family-like atmosphere.’

Nevertheless, he claimed he’d left on good terms, but when the UFC booked him against one of his former teammates, ex-Bellator lightweight champion Will Brooks, his opponent gave a different account of Lentz’ departure, saying that he’d thrown, a temper tantrum like a child,” while also accusing him of threatening to break off friendships with his ex-teammates if they trained with ‘Ill Will’ prior to the fight.

Lentz denied that was the case and mocked Brooks by branding him,”an emotional trainwreck,” and “the biggest drama queen in MMA.”

Their fight was scheduled for UFC 216, but Lentz no-showed at the weigh-ins and later claimed to have been suffering from hypoglycemia, though Brooks suggested, “there was no medical issue…he quit and that’s all there is to it.”

However, the grudge match was quickly rebooked for UFC Fight Night 121, and though Brooks would get the better of the early action, it was Lentz who would emerge with a second-round guillotine choke submission victory.