10 MMA Stars Whose Careers Were Ruined By Drugs & Alcohol


Chris Leben

Chris Leben’s battles with his inner demons were clear for all to see during The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 1, where ‘The Crippler’ infamously trashed the TUF house during a drunken rampage, leaving a trail of blood, broken windows and smashed doors in his wake.

That wasn’t just for the cameras, however, and long after the show had concluded he was still running amok behind the scenes, partying hard and abusing drugs and alcohol.

Leben didn’t taper it down for fight week either. For instance, he recalls being ‘blackout drunk’ the day before the weigh-ins for his fight with Brian Stann at UFC 125 in 2011.

”I went back into the Hard Rock and for some reason, something upset me,”Leben told Submission Radio.  “So I was in the bathroom stall. They were like marble stall walls, so I just decided to kick all the stall walls down to the exit, and big surprise I got arrested.”

He bribed a security guard $500 to let him get away before the police arrived and made it safely back to his hotel room, where he’d wake up the next day in a pool of his own vomit.

Just days later, Leben was TKO’d by Stann in the first round, ending a three-fight winning streak.