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Frank Mir

Frank Mir may be tied with Michael Bisping and Tito Ortiz for the most bouts in UFC history (27), but he knows only too well the emotions that fighters go through in the hours before a big fight, and in his experience it’s something that never really seems to goes away.

In a video interview for the UFC, Mir describes his state of mind on fight day as “controlled hysteria,” experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions in which moments of meditative calm are followed by blind panic.

One thing that always stays constant however is that eating on the day of a fight is always a challenge for the former heavyweight champ.

”I haven’t found a way to hold food down yet. Oatmeal…banana…you end up puking it and your stomach still doesn’t feel right.”

He also talks about how he can hear his heartbeat pulsing fast in his ears, how fighting in the main event can be tough because it allows more time for negative thoughts to rise up, and how he’s learned that you have to fight through the feeling of lethargy that sets in during the pre-fight warm-up.

All in all, it’s an incredibly stressful experience, and with that in mind, Mir says that there’s one thing you should never ask him backstage before a fight.

”Don’t ask me how I’m feeling. I feel like sh*t. I’m rethinking my career choices right now. I wish I’d stayed in college.

“C’mon dude. I’m about to walk into a cage half-naked. How would you feel right now?”