10 MMA Stars Who Stopped A Criminal In The Act

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Ryan Jensen

After training at his gym in Nebraska one day in March of 2015, Former UFC fighter Ryan Jensen stepped out of the building to discover that his car had been broken into and ransacked.

Jensen immediately phoned the police, but their lack of urgency led to him taking the matter into his own hands.

Checking CCTV footage, Jensen discovered that a man and a woman had broken into his vehicle and transferred all his belongings into what would later be revealed to have been a stolen car, before making their getaway.

Among the items they’d taken was Jensen’s credit card, and that proved to be their undoing as he was able to check where the last transaction had occurred – $300 spent at a nearby Walmart just minutes earlier.

Jensen rushed to the scene and as luck would have it the thieves were still in the car park when he arrived.

He was then able to block their vehicle with his own and rapped on the window of the driver, 30-year-old Michael Stafford, who got out and ran back towards the store with his partner-in-crime, 30-year-old Cassandra Preister.

Jensen chased after them, shouting for help from the police, and thankfully they soon arrived and were able to arrest both suspects, who it would emerge had been on a crime spree in the area that had included stealing five cars.

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