10 MMA Stars Who Stopped A Criminal In The Act

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Dan LaSavage

In October of 2015, retired MMA veteran Dan LaSavage was settling in with his three-year-old daughter for the first night in their new home in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin when he woke up hearing strange sounds from another room.

LaSavage, who compiled a 7-2 record during his fighting career and these days runs the ‘Combat Corner’ martial arts store, got up to investigate and soon came face-to-face with 47-year-old career criminal, Richard Melville, who was in the process of stealing their belongings.

As Melville came forward yelling unintelligibly, LaSavage’s mixed martial arts instincts kicked in and he put him in a standing guillotine choke, sending him to sleep in a matter of seconds.

LaSavage then grabbed Melville by his jacket and dragged him out to his porch, before calling the police.

“I did beat him pretty good, but I beat him with mercy,” LaSavage admitted afterwards. “I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to do what he did here, and he’d never come back.

”I guarantee he’ll never come back.”

Melville was charged with felony robbery and possessing drug paraphernalia after a crack pipe was found in his possession.

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