10 MMA Stars Who Stopped A Criminal In The Act

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Keith Jardine

A bungling thief’s luck ran out when he attempted to steal former UFC light-heavyweight fighter Keith ‘The Dean Of Mean’ Jardine’s mail outside his home in Alberquerque, New Mexico in 2014.

By chance, Jardine happened to be watching from his window as a man opened his mailbox, snatched all the contents and then sped away in his car.

The 6′ 2”, 205-pound Jardine grabbed the keys to his Bronco SUV and was soon in hot pursuit of the suspect.

Jardine was able to catch up with the criminal and pulled up alongside him, motioning for him to pull over, but when that didn’t work he accelerated ahead and then cut him off.

Jardine got out and approached the suspect, 41-year-old Richard Davenport, then drew back his fist as if he was going to hit him, at which point the suspect wisely gave up and was dragged out of his car ready to be picked up by the police.

It later emerged that Davenport had a criminal record for burglary and was on a mail-stealing spree in Jardine’s neighborhood that day.

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