10 MMA Stars Who Stopped A Criminal In The Act

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Renzo Gracie

Retired fighter Renzo Gracie is undoubtedly one of MMA’s most colorful characters, and as such he didn’t respond the way most people would when he sensed that two men were about to mug him one night in New York City.

Gracie, who was 45 at the time, had just left a restaurant in Manhattan around 3 a.m. in September of 2012 when he became aware that he was being followed.

Rather than bidding a hasty retreat, Gracie began posting up a live Twitter account of what was happening, making it clear that he was relishing the opportunity to teach the two thugs a lesson.

”Jiu-Jitsu. Never leave home without it,” Gracie quipped as the two men got within half a block of him and started asking if he had a cigarette.

Despite telling them that he didn’t smoke they continued approaching and then one grabbed him by the arm, while the other reached for the jacket pocket that contained his wallet.

At that point Gracie attacked, knocking one of the men out, which led to his accomplice fleeing the scene.

Gracie calmly posted a picture on Twitter of the first troublemaker huddled submissively on the ground and then left to get his car and began hunting for his other attacker, eventually locating him at a nearby street corner.

He was then able to sneak up behind the second hoodlum and apply what Gracie described as ‘The Raccoon’, choking the thug out three times and then repeatedly punching him in both eyes when he woke back up!

“My f*cking hand hurts,” Gracie admitted on Twitter after leaving the scene. “Next time I will only use elbows.”

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