10 MMA Stars Who Stopped A Criminal In The Act

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James McSweeney

A former UFC heavyweight fighter, James McSweeney was taking members of his family on a sightseeing tour of Las Vegas in 2012 when they found themselves caught up in the middle of an armed robbery.

While shopping at a souvenir shop, McSweeney noticed two men arguing loudly at the front of the store.

Eventually the female cashier came out and told the men to leave, at which point they ran past her to get behind the counter and began grabbing cash from the till.

When the cashier approached them again, one of the men brandished a knife and started waving it at her, while the other urged him to stab her.

They started to back up towards McSweeney, and that’s when he decided to take action, grabbing the man with the knife by the wrist and shoulder, then proceeding to violently sweep him to the floor.

The robber hit the ground face-first as McSweeney put a knee on his back to pin him in place and put the knife in the crook of his bended leg for safety.

The robber’s partner in crime approached him, but then thought better of it and fled the store, while McSweeney kept the other man pinned until the police arrived to take him into custody.

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