10 MMA Fighters Who Committed Horrific Murders


It’s only fair that we should start this article with a warning that the 10 true-crime stories you are about to read contain truly disturbing, depraved, and graphic details of horrifying murders that have been committed by professional MMA fighters over the years, from unheralded journeymen on the regional circuit through to established stars who have fought for top-flight promotions like the UFC, Bellator and PRIDE.

As such, if you are squeamish or easily offended, then you may wish to skip this one and read one of our many other featured lists instead.

If not, proceed with caution and enjoy.

David Tyner

Former Titan FC fighter Tyner produced a solid 6-1 run in his first year as a professional MMA fighter in 2007, but only two years later in November of 2009, he was turning himself into police in connection with multiple homicides in Oklahoma.

The 28-year-old had reportedly been asked by Indian Brotherhood gang member Denny Phillips, to rob and kill an associate, Casey Mark Barrientos, who ran a drug and prostitution ring from his compound in Olkahoma.

On the night of the murders, Tyner dropped off two other armed men, Jonathan Allen Cochrane and Russell Lee Hogshooter, behind the property and then went inside via the front door, where he waited for Barrientos to come home.

The plan he claims was for the other two to come in via the back door and kill Barrientos when he arrived, and sometime later while Tyner was in the bathroom he did hear shots ring out from the living room.

However, when he approached, Tyner found Barrientos standing wielding a knife in the living room and so he proceeded to shoot him dead and then ruthlessly went on to kill two other two female witnesses who were also present, pregnant 22-year-old Millie Barerra and 25-year-old Jennifer Ermey.

Soon after, Tyner chased another man, Jose Fierro, outside, but he was able to flee the scene.

When he returned Tyner saw Cochrane and Hogshooter wielding bloody knives and discovered that 22-year-old Brooke Phillips, a pregnant prostitute who had once appeared on the reality TV show, ‘Cathouse,’ had been stabbed to death.

Tyner and Cochrane left the home soon afterward, while Hogshooter stayed behind to pour gasoline over the bodies and then set them alight.

Police eventually arrested all the perpetrators involved, and in May of 2012, Tyner pled guilty to six counts of murder (four adults and two fetuses) in exchange for life in prison with no option to appeal. Phillips and Hogshooter also received life sentences, while Cochrane is spending 25 years behind bars.