10 MMA Fighters Who Cheated Death Outside The Cage


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Joe Riggs

On July 28th of 2014, just days after he’d re-signed with the UFC, Joe ‘Diesel’ Riggs came dangerously close to ending his own life in a freak accident.

With his wife and young son already in bed, the life-long gun-enthusiast decided to take apart a firearm in order to remove a live round that had become stuck in the chamber.

Unfortunately for Riggs, in the process of doing so he inadvertently hit the trigger and shot himself through both his hand and upper thigh.

In a state of panic Riggs called out to his wife for help and she quickly phoned an ambulance and then tried to stem the flow of blood with her hand, fearing that he had hit an artery due to the way blood was rhythmically spurting out of his left leg.

With well over 50 fights to his name, Riggs was no stranger to blood, but he knew this was different as he was starting not to feel the pain anymore and had an overwhelming urge to just fall sleep.

Convinced that death was imminent he said his goodbyes to his wife and seven-year-old son, before falling unconscious.

Riggs was rushed to hospital via Air Evac, where his heart would go down to as low as 10 beats per minute, but after undergoing surgery, including a blood transfusion and three operations to his hand, he not only survived, but lived to fight another day.