10 Insane Stories About MMA Legend Bas Rutten

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Getting Tattooed By Yakuza Member In A Dungeon

Over the years there have been a lot of rumors regarding Yakuza’s influence in PRIDE, and the former color commentator for the promotion has his own story of meeting with a member of the infamous Japanese crime bosses.

During a night out at a strip club, a long-haired Japanese man approached Rutten and introduced himself as his ‘biggest fan.’

Soon afterward, the man took off his shirt to show off the many tattoos on his body, at which point Rutten noticed that people around him were rapidly getting up and leaving – at which point it began to dawn on him that he was talking to a member of the Yakuza. Nevertheless, Rutten continued talking to him about tattoos and after stating that he was having a hard time finding someone to do a particular piece for him, the man told him to visit him in the morning and he’d do it.

Sure enough, the next day Rutten and his fellow PRIDE commentator Mauro Ranallo showed up to the address, only to discover that it was effectively what they describe as ‘a dungeon’ five stories below the ground.

Upon entering they noticed a full-size cage, which the man told them used to be where legendary kickboxer Masato used to train, but now housed two angry Doberman dogs, while there were also what they believed to be human skulls scattered around, one of which had a bullethole in it.

Other people were also in the dungeon at the time, but when Rutten and Ranallo arrived the Japanese man screamed out loud and everybody else quickly left and the door was locked behind them, leaving the pair worried about what was going to happen next.

However, the man proceeded to give Rutten the tattoo that he’d asked for, by all accounts making a very good job of it, and they both made it back out of the dungeon alive.