10 Insane Stories About MMA Legend Bas Rutten

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The Toilet Bowl Incident

In 2000, Rutten attended a fitness expo in Hawaii, got drunk with BJ Penn and then returned to his hotel room, where he then proceeded to undertake his nightly ritual of having a shower before bedtime.

However, Rutten slipped and fell, smashing his head off the toilet and shattering the bowl.

In his drunken state, Rutten didn’t notice that his head was now bleeding, or that the bathroom was rapidly filling with water and was about to start flooding the 38 floors below him and instead went to bed.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning, Rutten awoke to a knock at the door and immediately noticed that there were bloody handprints all over the wall of the bedroom. Wondering what he’d been up to, Rutten joked that he thought he might have killed someone, only to then realize it was due to his head wound.

The person at the door turned out to be the hotel security chief, who informed him he’d broken the toilet, but luckily the manager turned out to be a fan of the MMA legend who assured him he’d take care of it.

The next morning there was an unusually long line of people queuing up for breakfast, and it soon emerged that they had all been given the meal for free by way of an apology due to their rooms having been soaked by someone on the 38th floor!