10 Insane Stories About MMA Legend Bas Rutten

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Throwing Paul Varalens Through A Window

One drunken night in Kiev, Russia, a play fight in a bar between Rutten and ex-UFC fighter Paul Varalens got completely out of control.

Rutten says that during the skirmish the 300-pound Varalens grabbed him from behind and sunk his teeth into his shoulder.

‘El Guapo’ warned that he was hurting him, but ‘The Polar Bear’ didn’t stop, so Rutten responded by getting him in a kimura lock and threw him so hard he went flying through a plate glass window and had to go to the hospital to get stitches.

A security guard with a machine gun then approached Rutten and told him to calm down, but the intoxicated fighter instead grabbed the weapon and slapped him in the face.

In hindsight, Rutten admits that it’s probably a miracle that he made it back out of Russia in one piece.