10 Insane Stories About MMA Legend Bas Rutten

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Knocking Out A Rottweiler

While on a family day out at the park many years ago, Rutten’s mother-in-law’s new boyfriend let his 135-pound rottweiler dog off the leash and it immediately grabbed their fox terrier by the neck.

When the boyfriend panicked, unsure what to do, Rutten quickly sprang into action, front-kicking the rottweiler in the side of the head, sending it rolling over and enabling the terrier to escape. However, the rottweiler then turned on Rutten and came towards him, but his years of training then paid dividends as he low-kicked the onrushing dog straight in the head, knocking it out cold.

The dog lay unconscious for some time before coming too, and after getting its bearings it immediately began growling at Rutten again. However, when he stepped towards it, the dog showed that this time it was now all bark and no bite by turning around and running off.