12 Infamous Street Fights Involving UFC Stars For 2018


Urijah Faber

’The California Kid’ Urijah Faber was caught up in a terrifying fight for his life while on vacation in Bali back in 2006.

It began when a local picked on him while he was dancing with some girls at a club and led to them going outside to settle their differences.

Faber won the fight when a throw broke his adversary’s collarbone, but a few minutes later he was hit in the back of the head by another local wearing brass knuckles.

Multiple opponents with weapons then attacked Faber, including a guy wielding a bottle who he was able to throw over a motorcycle as he fled back into the club.

Unfortunately, that didn’t deter them and after being repeatedly kicked and struck with a shoe hammer, he ran back out the club, elbowing an attacker in the face as he did so.

An attempt to take refuge in a Billabong store also failed, but the blood-soaked Faber managed to escape again and jumped into a nearby taxi, where he’d briefly have to fend off the gang again before being driven off to a hospital.