10 Former Gang Members Who Became UFC Fighters


Roger Huerta

In his heyday, Roger Huerta briefly became the face of the UFC and was featured on the cover of a prominent national sports magazine, but while he came across as one of the sport’s good guys, in the past his tragic upbringing led to him associating with some very bad people.

Huerta’s early life was a nightmare, with his parents separating when he was just five years old, leading to him spending time in foster care and then being passed between his unhinged mother, a drug-addicted father, abusive stepmother, and impoverished grandparents.

In the end, both his parents abandoned him and the 11-year-old Huerta had to fend for himself on the streets of San Antonio, Texas, sometimes sleeping rough in bins and rooftops.

That led to him joining an infamous street gang, the Tri-City Bombers, where the leader would take pity on the homeless youth and bring him under his wing until being arrested in a drug bust.

Huerta was then taken into protective custody, until eventually at the age of 15, his English teacher adopted him and helped finally provide the stability he needed to get his life on track, enabling him to eventually secure a collegiate wrestling scholarship and emerge with a Business Management degree.