10 Crazy Stories Involving UFC Wildman Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

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The Street Fight

Cerrone has always had an eye for the ladies, and that almost landed him in hot water back in 2011 when he spotted a pretty girl in a pink dress and began speaking to her while out with his friend and training partner Leonard Garcia.

According to Garcia, the woman’s heavily-muscled boyfriend was infuriated when he saw Cerrone and proceeded to rip off his shirt and threaten him while shouting, “Are you talking to my girl?!”

Cerrone told him to shut up, but he and Garcia decided to get into their truck nearby and leave.

However, as they pulled away ‘Cowboy’ spotted the still irate man chasing after the girl and so they pulled up alongside her to see if she was ok, prompting another angry outburst from her boyfriend.

At that stage, Cerrone got out of the truck, walked over to the man and proceeded to unleash a single leg kick that took the troublemaker clean off his feet.

It was a brutal kick, Garcia recalled in an interview with BloodyElbow. You could hear the thump. The noise he made … he had to have used the restroom in his pants. It was like a screech, with a little bit of a burp, and something else [laughs]. Then he jumped up and took off at a full sprint.”

While this was going on, Garcia strolled over and spoke to the man’s friend who was parked nearby, who apparently wanted nothing to do with the situation, acknowledging that he knew who Cerrone and Garcia were and said, “I’m not trying to fight, I’m not stupid like my friend.”

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