10 Crazy Stories Involving UFC Wildman Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

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The Hunting Accident

When Cerrone first posted up a close up of his horrific eye injury on social media in 2016, many fans thought it was too gruesome to be real and had to be a prank, perhaps taken on the set of a movie.

However, later Cerrone would reveal that it was, in fact, a real injury that almost cost him his eye, and in typical fashion, there was an interesting story to go along with it that was particularly fitting given his ‘Cowboy’ nickname.

It happened while I was out hunting,” Cerrone told reporters. I shot off my horse, the horse went fu***** crazy.

“A lot of it was superficial scratches, they all healed up.”

That was just as well as Cerrone had a UFC fight upcoming against Matt Brown at the time, and sure enough, after some high-tech medical care he was able to heal up in time to compete as planned.

“I got some stem cell stuff done in Mexico and that sped up the process a lot.

So I’m all good, I’ve never pulled out of a fight my entire life.”

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