10 Crazy Stories Involving UFC Wildman Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

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Boat Rage

One of Cerrone’s favorite things to do is go out on the lake with his boat, but apparently, not everyone is always happy to see him there.

During one visit with a group of his friends to Grand Lake, Colorado, a resident of the area, Jeffrey S. Aley, came speeding past in his own ski-doo and deliberately sprayed their boat with water, resulting in it washing up onto some nearby rocks.

It soon became apparent that Aley was drunk and later in the day he began shouting at Cerrone and his friends from the shoreline while flexing his muscles, saying, “which one of you pussies wants some?”

He then got in his boat and came speeding up to Cerrone’s and grazed the side of it as he went past.

“What the hell are you doing, man?” Cerrone shouted at him.

“Which one of you pussies wants some shit?” Aley began yelling at them again, before threatening to ram straight into their boat with his.

Sure enough, he then came speeding towards them again, only to turn at the last second and send a huge wave of water onto Cerrone’s boat, soaking everyone on-board and their possessions.

That was the final straw for Cerrone who would eventually confront Aley at the shoreline and front-kicked him in the stomach, which sat him down on the sand.

The troublemaker got back to his feet and tried to land a sucker-punch right hand, but Cerrone dodged it and then landed a head kick that floored him again.

Cerrone then sat down next to the drunk and backhanded him a few times, at which point the instigator took out of his phone and took pictures, then dialed 911.

Cerrone would later be charged with misdemeanor assault but was found not guilty, while Aley was charged with Reckless Operation of a boat and Reckless Endangerment.

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