10 Crazy Stories Involving UFC Wildman Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

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Cave Diving

Cerrone’s most recent brush with death came just within this past month when he went cave diving in New Mexico and almost didn’t make it back out.

Today I can honestly say I’m Happy to be alive,” Cerrone wrote on Instagram. “We had catastrophic worst case scenario on our dive. Total silt out , lost the cave line and lost my buddy couldn’t see my own hands was the most scariest moment to this day in my life.”

According to Cerrone, it was the thought of seeing his fiance and son again that spurred him on to find a way out of this nightmare scenario.

“I remember kissing Danger and Lindsay and saying I’ll see y’all soon, don’t worry daddy’s coming home!!!! Told the grim reaper “Not today Mother Fucker,“ I’m figuring this the fuck out and coming home!!”

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