Bas Rutten Pranks PRIDE Drug Testers

Longtime PRIDE color commentator Bas Rutten recalls a time when he was given a camera crew and told to give viewers a tour to show what it’s like backstage at a PRIDE show.

While doing so, Rutten walked into the doctor’s room and noticed that all the fighters’ urine samples were in cups on a nearby table.

The quick-thinking Rutten walked back out of the room, got a green tea and poured it into a cup, then went back in and secretly placed it next to all the urine tests.

Soon afterward the mischievous ‘El Guapo’ started speaking to the camera, telling viewers, “wouldn’t it be great if you could tell what fighter was whose, just by tasting it?”

The dumbfounded doctor’s then watched in horror as he picked up the cup that unbeknown to them contained green tea, smelled it, then proceeded to drink it, stating, “Ah, I think that’s Mark Coleman’s!”