10 Biggest Post-Fight Meltdowns In MMA History

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Paul Daley

Another Brit makes the list in Paul “Semtex” Daley.

If you have followed the sport of MMA for the last decade or so then you are familiar with Daley and his brand of fighting. But before he was knocking out the likes of Lorenz Larkin and being held down by Jon Fitch, Daley was laying waste to UFC welterweights one at a time.

Josh Koscheck and Daley would settle their score at UFC 113 but 15 minutes would not be enough for Daley. Koscheck dominated Daley for the majority of the fight, flustering and aggravating the Brit in the process. This would lead Daley to take a swing at Koscheck after the final bell had sounded.

The punch did not land flush, and referee Dan Miragliotta was there to shove Daley aside, but the damage had already been done.

Daley’s actions would cause UFC president Dana White to ban ‘Semtex’ from ever again competing inside the Octagon.

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