Top 10 Freak Show Fighters In MMA History

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mma frak show

8. Akihito Tanaka AKA Kinniku Mantaro


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 205 pounds (92.99 KG)

MMA record: 2-2

Akihito Tanaka is an interesting character to say the least. After an odd promotion of his K-1 Dynamite!! 2008 fight with Bob Sapp, the whole of which Tanaka spent dressed as super hero ‘Kinniku Mantaro’, the Japanese ‘Wrestling Ubermench’ actually showed up to fight Sapp (we’ll deal with him a lot later) in full fancy dress. Not only did he look a complete tool, he got knocked out by the cumbersome American, who didn’t need any sort of costume to be considered a freak show.

Moving swiftly on.

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