10 Advantages Conor McGregor Has Over Floyd Mayweather



When it comes to size, McGregor is holding all the aces in this match-up.

At 5′ 9” tall, ‘The Notorious’ has a one-inch height advantage over Mayweather, while a 74” reach puts him two inches ahead of his rival.

Interestingly, you’d have to go back six years and 12 fights to his 2011 fight with Oscar De La Hoya to find the last time Mayweather didn’t have a superior reach to his opponent.

However, perhaps the most interesting size advantage McGregor will enjoy on the night is weight, since ‘Money’ somewhat surprisingly conceded to fight him at 154 pounds, despite a few months earlier having targeted 145-150 pounds as his favored weight for the contest.

Over the course of his career Mayweather has won titles as low as 130 pounds, but has generally been operating around the 146-pound range in recent years.

With that being said, he does have two previous successful fights at 154 pounds against Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto, and one with Canelo Alvarez at 152 pounds, though 151 pounds is as high as he’s personally reached on the scales.

As for McGregor, he has a naturally bigger frame than Mayweather and has even fought twice at 170 pounds against the taller, rangier Nate Diaz.

The Irishman had well documented struggles getting down to 145 for his recent featherweight fights in the UFC, so it’s a major boost for him that he won’t have to concern himself with a grueling cut and instead will be operating within the vicinity of his optimal weight, where he won both his Cage Warriors and UFC lightweight titles.